How Often Should Your Business Post On Social Media?

Your business' presence in the social media can be optimized by posting quality content. Aside from high-quality contents, the frequency of posting actually matters too. Post too often and you'll end up annoying your fans for seemingly spamming them. Post too rarely, and you'll end up seemingly uninterested in connecting with them. How often should your business post on social media? Well, the answer is, it depends on each network. Just as you are advised to write in a way that's catered specifically to each social network platform, the same also goes with the frequency of posting. [Read More]

3 Signs You Should Buy A Convertible Crib

When you think about buying a crib, you might think about buying one that your baby will only use for a limited amount of time. Then, you might be planning on buying a toddler bed and so on. However, you can actually purchase a convertible crib that then converts to a toddler bed. Some of these cribs even convert into a twin-size bed. These are a few signs that this might be the best purchase for your baby: [Read More]

Digital Marketing: How It's Become The New Word-Of-Mouth

Prior to 2000, the way to diffuse information about a company and get the word out on the street was through paper advertising and commercials or direct mailers. As technology advanced in the next couple of decades, so did word-of-mouth practices. Here is how digital marketing has become the new word-of-mouth for this generation, and how to get it to work for your company. Social Media A single piece of information, a picture, a ten-second advertisement for a product or service; these are all things posted and shared on social media. [Read More]

Ensuring Your Business' Web Page Draws In Potential Customers

If you are starting your own small business, getting word out about the wares or services you are offering for sale will be necessary. Many business owners will start a web page for potential customers to browse before making a purchase. There are a few steps you will want to take when starting a web page to ensure it offers information others will find interesting and pertinent to their search for more knowledge about your business. [Read More]