Want Better Personal Protection? Why Choose A Close-Quarter Tactical Pistol

If you're looking for personal protection, now's the time to invest in a custom tactical pistol. Tactical pistols provide the best protection for close-quarter combat. This is especially important in regard to personal protection. You might think that a knife or pepper spray will offer the protection you need, but that's not the case. This is especially true if your assailant is armed with a gun. Unfortunately, knives and pepper spray are no match for a firearm. That's where a tactical pistol comes into the picture. A tactical pistol gives you the protection you need to survive an attack. If you're not sure you need a tactical pistol, read the list provided below. You'll find four ways a tactical pistol can save your life.

They Allow Faster Response

When it comes to personal protection, you need something that allows for a fast response time. This is especially important when someone is approaching at night. You might not be able to see if they're armed until they get closer to you. That's where a tactical pistol comes into the picture. With this tool, you can prepare yourself as soon as you see the assailant. Once you identify a weapon, you can react faster with your pistol. 

They're Easier to Handle

If you want to carry a firearm for personal protection, you need a firearm that's easy to handle. When every second matters, you want a firearm that's easy to handle in a close combat situation. That's why you need a custom close combat tactical pistol. These pistols are lightweight and easy to use. When you invest in a custom pistol, you know that the grips and slide are designed especially for you. That means you won't need to struggle with a firearm you can't control. 

They Can be Concealed

If you want to carry a firearm that's easy to conceal, it's time to choose a close-quarter tactical pistol. Many tactical pistols are small enough to carry in your pocket. Pocket pistols are the perfect option when you're looking for close-combat protection. If you want something bigger, you can find tactical pistols that fit well in a concealed holster. 

They're Close Range

If you want to ensure close-quarters protection, add a tactical pistol to your list of firearms. One of the benefits of a tactical pistol is that you can keep them close to your body. Also, there's less metal for an assailant to grab hold of. That means you're less likely to get disarmed by your assailant.

For more information about close-quarter tactical pistols, reach out to a local supplier.