Why Install a Multi-Location Marketing Platform for Your Store Franchise Business?

If you operate a franchise business, you provide support to your franchisees. For example, you might have a core business website that they can use to help market their local stores.

However, the website you've built might not have all the functionality and marketing advantages that your franchisees need or want. Different stores will have different marketing objectives and needs depending on their location.

A multi-location marketing platform might be a better solution. These platforms give you, and your franchisees, a cohesive home for all your online marketing needs.

What are the advantages of switching to a multi-location marketing platform?

Keep Control of Your Corporate Marketing Initiatives

If you don't offer your franchisees comprehensive marketing solutions, some might start to run their own campaigns and initiatives. For example, if you simply give each store a template page on your main website, then your franchisees don't get full marketing benefits.

Some of your franchisees might run their own online marketing, say through social media sites or even by building their own websites. You might struggle to control what your franchisees do; some might not stick to your preferred marketing standards.

For example, a franchisee might not use your corporate colors and logo designs. They might not meet your copy standards and negatively affect your business's reputation and market position.

If you install a multi-location marketing platform, then you maintain control. If you provide everything that a franchisee might need to market their store, then they will use your platform. They won't need to run their own campaigns or initiatives.

Keep Your Franchisees Happy

If you promise online marketing support to your franchisees, you have to deliver. The problem is that this isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.

The location of your stores affects how well your marketing works. For example, stores in rural areas might need a different sales and marketing approach to stores in urban areas.

If your current website doesn't work for all your franchisees, then some of them won't be happy. Most importantly, their stores won't perform as well as they should.

If you have a multi-location marketing platform, your franchisees can choose which parts of the system to use. They'll be able to access performance data for potential campaigns to help them choose the right ones for their needs. They'll also get help setting up systems, such as social media accounts, and guidance on how to use them.

So, your franchisees will be happy. Their stores should make more money, and your business will send out cohesive messages all across the country.

To get started, contact a service such as Irio and ask about their systems.