5 Traits Of A Good Telemarketer

If you've browsed through the employment opportunities and stumbled upon a plethora of telemarketing jobs, you might be thinking about giving it a whirl. The pay can be lucrative for many individuals, and the hours can be very flexible. But if it's something you've never done before, you might wonder if it's a good fit for you. While these aren't all encompassing, here are five traits of a good telemarketer. [Read More]

How A Content Management System Improves Contact Center Efficiency

A content management system (or CMS) can help your business create, publish and organize information. You can also use a CMS to align content between internal websites and knowledge management tools, streamlining the way you share information with your employees and your customers. Learn more about the benefits of a content management system, and how these tools' features can boost productivity in your contact center. Cuts the time it takes to make content updates [Read More]