How A Content Management System Improves Contact Center Efficiency

A content management system (or CMS) can help your business create, publish and organize information. You can also use a CMS to align content between internal websites and knowledge management tools, streamlining the way you share information with your employees and your customers. Learn more about the benefits of a content management system, and how these tools' features can boost productivity in your contact center.

Cuts the time it takes to make content updates

In a fast-paced business, changes can affect your customers on a daily basis, so it's vital that you equip your front-line employees with the information they need as quickly as possible. For some businesses, this process is cumbersome and slow, as the communications team has to update multiple websites and information sources.

A CMS cuts out wasted time. A single update to your CMS will publish revised content across your business, simultaneously refreshing your website and knowledge management tools. As such, customers calling your contact center will always get the latest, most accurate advice.

Improves customer experience

A CMS allows you to easily manage the content you publish. For example, with a CMS, you can effectively schedule regular updates and content reviews to make sure the information is still relevant and useful. This keeps internal knowledge management tools concise and accurate, which, in turn, makes them easier for your contact center agents to use.

If it takes too long for an agent to scroll through pages of content, his or her call handling time will increase, and a customer is likely to grow impatient. Content management systems are generally full of tools to help content managers create smart, simple pages, even if they don't have a lot of web design experience. What's more, a CMS allows content owners to eliminate duplicated or misleading information by giving your agents a simple way to flag issues or give feedback on pages that aren't useful.

Boosts first contact resolution

Investment in a content management system can help you save money in other ways. First contact resolution is a vital metric in any effective contact center because the measure shows you how effectively you resolve customer issues. What's more, if your customers have to call two or three times to get the information they need, you'll need to pay for more contact center agents than necessary. 

A CMS improves the efficiency of your contact center. Accurate, simple-to-use information helps your agents handle calls more quickly and eliminates repeat calls. Attrition (staff turnover) in a contact center is also generally higher than other industries, at around 26 percent. Businesses with a CMS can cut staff turnover, by making it easier and less stressful for contact center agents to interact with customers.

Improves quality of training

Contact center managers often use computer-based training for new recruits. This type of training is easy to use with a large group of employees, and your new recruits can also work through the learning at their own pace. Unfortunately, many companies maintain their contact center training separately from other sources of information, which can lead to unnecessary maintenance costs. Agents trained with the wrong information can also inadvertently mislead customers.

A CMS can help you link your online training materials with other sources of information like your website or intranet. This way of working cuts development costs (you don't need to pay somebody to keep updating the material) and improves the quality of training.

Improves bilingual capability

Contact centers must increasingly offer services in different languages. In some bi-lingual contact centers, agents get the information they need from two separate systems because it's difficult to manage different languages in one system.

Some content management systems can make this way of working easier. For example, a CMS can allow you to show your agents content that is available in different languages. allowing them to click a button and switch to another language version. Furthermore, where the agent needs information that is not available in another language, he or she can also easily flag this through your CMS, allowing your development team to focus on the pages that most need bi-lingual capability.

Information is a crucial part of any contact center, but knowledge management tools don't work if they are inaccurate and/or difficult to use. A content management system can revolutionize the way you control information in your business and can dramatically improve contact center efficiency. For more information, contact a local CMS provider, like QuickSilk.