How Often Should Your Business Post On Social Media?

Your business' presence in the social media can be optimized by posting quality content. Aside from high-quality contents, the frequency of posting actually matters too. Post too often and you'll end up annoying your fans for seemingly spamming them. Post too rarely, and you'll end up seemingly uninterested in connecting with them.

How often should your business post on social media? Well, the answer is, it depends on each network. Just as you are advised to write in a way that's catered specifically to each social network platform, the same also goes with the frequency of posting.


As a rule of thumb, social media marketing experts say two posts a day is the optimum number of posts per day. However, this number only works for pages with at least 10,000 followers. If you happen to have a less number of followers, you might need to decide whether you'll prioritize social media engagement or more traffic redirected to your website. In the first scenario, you post more frequently to increase the number of post engagements on your social media page. In the second scenario, you'll post a mere one to five times per month, decrease social media engagement significantly, but increase the traffic redirected to your website in the fastest way possible. Hence, the frequency of posting in Facebook depends on your number of fans and your goal.


If you expect a rule of thumb for Twitter, you'll be disappointed. Much like in Facebook, the number of posts per day also depends on your goal. Again, if your goal is to optimize your post engagement per tweet, one to five tweets per day will do but as much as 50 tweets per day won't actually hurt your engagement rather. Live tweeting about a special event, maybe a new product launch, which may take more than 50 tweets per day, might be useful to promote your event's virality. Hence, in case of Twitter, the frequency of posting depends on your purpose.


No. The optimum frequency for posting in Instagram doesn't depend on your goal. The key to generating the maximum engagement in Instagram is consistency. As you aim to generate followers, posting as low as ten or as much as 20 times a day will do. Your posting habits somehow condition your followers' expectation because, by the time you change your habit, you'll end up losing followers and gathering lower engagement.

Other Touch Points

If your goal is to drive repeated visits to your site and keep your brand in people's minds, social media is just one part of that; learn to also employ mobile banner ads and other offsite advertising for effective results. Since you only pay per click on these types of ads, you can ensure that your marketing dollars are being spent on actual traffic to your site, which you can't always do when you spend money on social media creation. So, in short, consider all effective avenues for engagement.