Digital Marketing: How It's Become The New Word-Of-Mouth

Prior to 2000, the way to diffuse information about a company and get the word out on the street was through paper advertising and commercials or direct mailers. As technology advanced in the next couple of decades, so did word-of-mouth practices. Here is how digital marketing has become the new word-of-mouth for this generation, and how to get it to work for your company.

Social Media

A single piece of information, a picture, a ten-second advertisement for a product or service; these are all things posted and shared on social media. The most current couple of generations have kids and young adults sharing (and sometimes over-sharing) across ten or more social media platforms. These generations are connected to each other and the rest of the world through those who are connected to their own friends. It spreads out like a web, and every web has another set of connections on another social media platform.

That said, anything shared spreads faster than a wildfire in a drought. Diffusion of information over social media by this cross-section of the population replaces the traditional (and literal) word-of-mouth diffusion of information. If you can get even ten people to like a product or service that your company makes and promotes on social media, you can get hundreds of followers and inquisitive customers in a week and quite possibly thousands in a month.

Backlinks in Social Media Posts

The generations that connect to your products or services and then share them with friends on social media is not the only means of creating a digital word-of-mouth network. When you include backlinks to your website and include these backlinks in the posts you put on social media pages, you will find that even more people are connecting through the links to your site. Now they are buying the products or services and creating their own unique posts about what they bought. All it takes is for you to light the match with a few digital marketing posts and strategies.

How to Make This Work for Your Company

Hire a digital marketing company like E3 Local that has a lot of experience in this field. If you are not a good blogger, a good advertising agent or a good computer tech, it does not matter when you have a digital marketing company working for you. They have a long list of services that help you start and expand your own digital word-of-mouth network using social media as your jump-off point.