What Mistakes Is Your Law Firm Making In Lead Conversions?

Listing your law firm in the phone book and running the occasional ad will not guarantee success. Lead conversion is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your firm has clients. Unfortunately, if you are making mistakes with your conversion tactics, you could be missing out on an opportunity to grow your clientele. If you have poor conversion rates, here are some mistakes you might be making.  

Offering Quotes Over the Phone

Although it might seem reasonable to provide quotes to potential clients over the phone, you could be hurting your business. When you provide your rates over the phone, you are actually encouraging callers to price shop. After receiving your rates, the caller will undoubtedly call around and ask other firms for their rates.  

You have to set your law firm apart from others. Your rates do not convey to callers what services they are receiving and how it could be beneficial to them. A quick quote over the phone does not give you a chance to make a real impression on a potential client.  

Instead of offering your rates over the phone, obtain the caller's contact details and attempt to arrange a meeting with him or her in person. Your representative needs to stress the importance of discussing the case with an experienced attorney instead of just receiving a quote.  

Failing to Follow Up Within a Reasonable Time

Chances are, your city is flooded with attorneys who are offering the same services as your firm. To many potential clients, there are very few distinctions between one firm and the next. Therefore, it is up to you to help your firm stand out. One way you can do this is to follow up with callers within a reasonable time.  

When you have staff that collect contact information from callers and then pass it to attorneys, you have to ensure that the attorneys are making contact with the callers within minutes. The more time that passes between the initial call and the follow-up, the more time callers have to reach out to other law firms.  

You also have to stress the importance of continuing to follow up even after there is no response. By providing your firm with their contact information, callers are establishing a relationship with you. As a result, you can continue to reach out via phone or email until the caller becomes a client or he or she requests that you do not call again.  

There are other missteps you and your staff could be making that hurt your conversion rates. Consult with a lead generation service to learn what else you can do to improve your rates.